Regular travel and hard training: one need not rule the other out. After a tough training session or even a strength-sapping competition, quick recovery is important. CEP Recovery Socks are the perfect companion for all who want to stay top fit even as frequent flyers or regular long-distance commuters. Heavy legs from standing in long check-in queues or at the gate and extended periods of sitting on planes become light and fit again for optimum performance. Our compression socks with proven medi compression ensure oxygen and minerals are transported effectively to muscles even as you travel. With recovery this reliable, you are always ready for your next challenge as soon as you arrive at your destination.
CEP – Your re-energizer for travel

energy recharge

Ultra-fast Energy Recharge:

Recovery up to 30 percent faster and more effective. With compression Socks for Recovery by CEP, you will fill up on energy for your next challenge while still on the go.

no pain - more gain

No Pain, more Game:
Top fit and on to the next challenge

Give your aching legs what they need and concentrate on your next game. CEP Socks for Recovery: how winners regenerate.

light legs

Light Legs:

Simply recover whenever and wherever you want to. Socks by CEP give you light legs and fitness you can draw down quickly.


Sitting in cramped seats, long periods of standing and extended immobility are hardly ideal conditions for speedy recovery after athletic activity. CEP Socks for Recovery mobilize the body’s own regenerative resources. medi compression makes it possible. Strained muscles are reliably supplied with oxygen and improved circulation ensures bioactive minerals arrive right where they are needed. The Socks for Recovery are available in our tried and tested functional fabric. Alternatively, you can opt for our Merino Socks for Recovery with a proportion of merino wool. Even strenuous journeys can add vitality to your legs thanks to the innovative compression and optimum fit of these socks.!  Experience the performance of CEP compression legwear, made in Germany, for yourself!

Your CEP Travel Companions

Recovery Pro Tights
Recovery Pro Tights

The secret weapon for the most effective recovery

Merino Socks for Recovery
Merino Socks for Recovery

For all athletes for recovery, daily use and travel

Socks for Recovery
Socks for Recovery

For all athletes for recovery, daily use and travel

The benefits of CEP recovery products during travel