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Every sport has its own unique challenges and requirements that you need to face as an athlete. Your choice of equipment is key. CEP’s mission is to provide you with the best equipment for your sport to enhance both your performance and sense of well-being. We begin by identifying the key challenges of a given sport and then show you how CEP gives you the tools you need you master it.


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CEP combines many different types of sports in a single brand

Every sport has its own unique challenges and requirements. CEP offers product concepts perfectly tailored to each specific sport to give athletes the most effective support. With the key topics running, triathlon, hiking, riding, soccer, basketball, handball, hockey, skiing, snowboarding, biking, riding, fitness – CEP’s product portfolio covers a wide range sports with socks, calf sleeves, quad sleeves, running tights and shorts, bibs, skinsuits and shirts specifically designed for each sport based on input from scientists, professional athletes and designers.